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   Halka Medical founding that steps into the medical sector in 2006 started journey. In this time period, we have been known as the pioneer firm supplying a lot of new products into the market first time. Our firm which operating in the supplying of consumables keeping up the quality in the way of medical area from past to present, continues to present the technology of today and international standards by making no compromises of the principle of “first person and stabilized price” to its customers in the health sector. And our company with the reflection of confidence from you to us, with the controlled product sales, wide product range, the apprehension of superfine, fast delivery network, presents differentiation and continuous improvement as a service.

   We are aware of that; a firm that offers service in the health sector has to be administered by staff that has sectoral experience and accoutrement.  
   From the profit and the idea of educated personnel view, our aim and philosophy is to unite around the catchword of absolute customer satisfaction, honest and quick working. Besides becoming a leader in sales of consumables with the improvements of innovations. 

   To be international brand that whose aim is to be perfect in delivery and customer satisfaction. 


halka Medical equipment medtronic , terumo boston

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